Brilliant Brainz Magazine Review

brilliant brainz

I was contacted by Eleanor, the creator of Brilliant Brainz’ magazine, to take a look at her new monthly magazine aimed at 6 – 12 year olds; she sent us three of the magazines and myself and my two children, aged 9 and 10 couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I don’t know about other families,…

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Unnecessary Government Regulation of Home Education

push back government

Push Back Against Unnecessary Government Regulation of Home Education By Judy Arnall Like UBER, Amazon and AirBnB, home education is a billion dollar industry disruptor. The advancement of the internet enables students to be borderless and no longer constrained to their particular government’s provision of education.  Classes can be taken from other countries and knowledge…

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Government Mandated Curriculum Hurts Kids


Government Mandated Curriculum Hurts Kids By Judy Arnall Many people who work in education believe that if home education is to be fully funded as much as public education, than families should follow the prescribed government programs of studies. Here are some reasons why some home educators do not and should not be coerced to…

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How to Encourage Good Behaviour

encourage good behaviour

Every child and family are different, so these tips might not suit everyone. Include your children in planning. When it comes to the simple daily routine and planning, I seek their input and respect their opinion on what they want to do. This doesn’t mean I’ll always do what they want, but occasionally I’ve been…

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Homeschooling Myths and Realities

facts and myths

Homeschooling Myths and Realities By Judy Arnall When one mentions that they are considering homeschooling, well-meaning relatives and friends speak up with all kinds of questions. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling: Myth#1 “Only special types of people can homeschool their children. I’m not one of them.” Reality Everyone…

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10 Things Every New Home Educator Needs to Know

home education

Home Education – 10 Things You Need to Know There is no perfect curriculum – Don’t spend all of your energy searching for the perfect curriculum, it does not exist. You will come across methods that work better for you and your family than others, but nothing is perfect, and all curriculums will probably take…

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