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De-Registering Children from School – England and Wales

While Home Education is legal in all parts of the UK and although the law is essentially the same in its detail, the actual...
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    What is Flexi Schooling?

    What is Flexing Schooling? Flexi-schooling is not a legal right, but some schools do offer this option. You will need to discuss this with your...

    What is Home Education?

    What is Home Education? Also known as Elective Home Education (EHE) (the specific term used to describe children whose family have chosen to educate them...

    Home Educating Frequenctly Asked Questions

    Home Education Frequently Asked Questions Here you will find some of the most common frequently asked questions for those currently Home Educating or those of...

    What is Off Rolling?

    What is Off Rolling? Off rolling is where a school either de-registers a child against the wishes of the parents or, more often (strongly) advises...

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