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De-Registering Children from School – England and Wales

While Home Education is legal in all parts of the UK and although the law is essentially the same in its detail, the actual...

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    Home Education and Child Benefit

    Home Education and Child Benefit

    The GOV.UK page on child benefit 16-19 says child benefit “continues if they stay in approved education or training”…and “can include…home education – if started before your child turned 16.”

    Child Benefit

    Child Benefit is administered by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Child Benefit is a tax-free payment that you can claim for your child. It is usually paid every four weeks but can sometimes be paid weekly. There are two separate amounts, with a higher amount for your eldest (or only) child. The payment can be claimed by anyone who qualifies, but is subject to the high income charge See also GOV.UK Child Benefit.

    If you’re responsible for a child, you can normally get Child Benefit for them – even if you’re not their parent. Child Benefit payments usually stop when your child reaches 16, unless they are a “qualifying young person” in education or training that counts for Child Benefit.

    Child Benefit remains payable to all eligible claimants on behalf of ALL “qualifying young people” in full-time education (12+ hours in England) beyond the age of 16 up to the age of 20, whether they attend school/college or are educated otherwise as long as the education is not above Level 3 (A Level or equivalent).

    It is not necessary for the young person to be studying for exams or to be on a course. The academic year begins on September 1st. Education is compulsory until 30th June after the young person’s 16th birthday. For example, if the young person turns 16 on September 5th, child benefit will continue to be paid automatically until the following 31st August.

    “Full time” = 12 hours or more.

    Child Benefit Conditions

    Under certain conditions, 16+ Child Benefit can be paid while a young person is ill and unable to participate in education, this is called INTERRUPTION.

    Child Benefit continues to be payable even if the child works up to 23 hours a week as long as it is not more than 24 hours of paid work a week. (NB there may be other means tested benefits claimed at the same time that are affected by a LOWER weekly paid hours limit, i.e. it may not be 24 hours across the board)

    Child Benefit is administered separately from Tax Credits.

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