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Thursday, May 6, 2021

De-Registering Children from School – England and Wales

While Home Education is legal in all parts of the UK and although the law is essentially the same in its detail, the actual...

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    Home Education and the Safeguarding Myth

    Home Education and Safeguarding Myths

    For those who choose Elective Home Education, the current climate regarding safeguarding of children has brought us into the spotlight again. Families choosing ‘education otherwise’ than at school face suspicion, undue scrutiny, monitoring and bureaucratic hurdles.

    In the first data analysis of its kind, Wendy Charles-Warner exposes the reality behind the claims.

    Analysis of safeguarding data and of serious case reviews indicates, that far from being at risk, Home Educated children appear to be safer than their schooled counterparts.

    Safeguarding Evidence

    There is no statistical evidence to warrant their belief that children being educated at home are at more risk. There will, of course, be children who are home educated that present a safeguarding concern, as there often is within schools, but these concerns should be reported and addressed as they are for all other children.

    The point is, these children do not present as a risk because they’re home educated nor should they be deemed more at risk because they are home educated.

    Read the report here.

    Also see our guest post from Judy Arnall BA, DTM, a Canadian Certified Family Life Educator (CCFE) Homeschooling Myths and Realities

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