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Key Home Education Information


With so many institutions in the UK providing information to parents that is incorrect, we've broken it down and provided all the Legal information  you require.

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With a high volume of children suffering from Mental Health issues, and possibly the No.1 reason parents remove their child/children from school to Home educate, we've provided information to help you.

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Government consultations around Home education has recently been revised. We will keep you informed with the latest changes that may or may not affect you

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We've put together some useful Legal Documents, Safeguarding Documents, Mental Health and Sample Legal Letters for you to download and use.

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Home Education UK Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Home Education Legal?
  • Why Do People Home Educate their Children?
  • Is Home Education becoming more popular?
  • How do I de-register my child from school?
  • Do I Need to be Qualified to Teach My Children at Home?
  • What is Flexi-Schooling?
  • What if my child has Special Educational Needs?
  • Can a child with an Education, Health and Care plan be educated at home?
  • Will we be Monitored?
  • What Hours/Timetable will we Need to Adhere to?
  • Will we Have to Teach the National Curriculum?
  • What about Socialisation?
  • What About Tests/Exams/Assessments?
  • What has Ofsted got to do with home education?
  • What is De-schooling?
  • Does the law on Home Education Differ Throughout the U.K?
  • Can home educated children go to college pre-16?

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